The White House moves to review the Supreme Court’s decision to continue Trump-era border policies


The White House is calling on the Supreme Court to review a decision on polarizing Trump-era border policy that is forcing some asylum seekers to wait for their immigration hearings in Mexico.

The decision in question ordered the continuation of the program of migrant protection protocols informally known as “staying in Mexico”. The Biden government began sending migrants back to Mexico earlier this month to resume the program.

The states of Texas and Missouri successfully sued the Biden government in April for suspending new enrollments in the Mexico stay program, arguing that it violated legal, immigration and nationality laws.

After the White House appealed, the Supreme Court ordered the Biden administration to reinstate Trump-era policies in August.

Now the White House will try its luck again with a Conservative majority in the Supreme Court in a new motion to enact the deed, asking it to review the appellate court’s ruling on the remainder of the Mexico case. The petition argues that the court misinterpreted federal law.

The policy of staying in Mexico has been harshly criticized by human rights groups and immigrant officials for exposing migrants to abject conditions, kidnapping, rape and murder while they await their case in Mexican border towns.

Immigration lawyers also criticize the program that denies migrants the right to asylum procedures.

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