The White House plan would replace any lead water pipeline


The ancient Romans knew that lead was poisonous. More than 2,000 years later, Vice President Kamala Harris will explain the plan to replace all lead water pipes in the United States. Meanwhile, the White House social spending agenda could be postponed again by Senator Joe Manchin, who reportedly still has a lower price on the bill.

NBC News: White House Reveals Plan to Replace All U.S. Lead Pipes

President Joe Biden promised that his infrastructure proposal would replace every lead pipe in the country. Now the White House says it has a plan to deliver despite a significant funding gap. The government’s lead pipes and paint plan, which Vice President Kamala Harris will elaborate in a speech Thursday, illustrates how officials hope to raise enough money through sources like the Infrastructure Act, Covid aid funding and the president’s stalled build, to achieve Biden’s goal. Back Better calculation. (Ledermann, December 16)

The Hill: Biden Administration publishes plan to combat lead pipes

The plan, announced on Thursday in a factsheet, states that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will begin “developing” new regulations for lead and copper pipes. Meanwhile, however, a senior administration official told reporters on Wednesday that a twice-delayed Trump rule regarding lead pipes is allowed to go into effect. (Frazin, December 16)

The New York Times: Manchins Resist Social Policy Bill; Democrats can drive until 2022

The Democrats privately admitted Wednesday that they are delaying Senate review of $ 2.2 trillion social policy bill through 2022 and missing a self-imposed Christmas deadline amid negotiations with a key centrist objector, Senator Joe Manchin III from West Virginia, spat. Private talks this week between Mr Biden and Mr Manchin, who are pushing to cut the scope of the package and lower the price, have not resolved crucial differences, according to White House officials and Congressional aides. And leading Democrats have yet to complete work on the complex social safety net, climate and tax package. (Cochrane and Tankersley, Dec. 15)

The Hill: Democratic talks with Manchin show signs of melting

Democratic negotiations with centrist Senator Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) over President Biden’s comprehensive climate and social spending bill are about to melt away, as Manchin appears to be stepping back from an earlier agreement with the White House to extend the child tax credit one year . Manchin is now bringing up the idea of ​​extending the child tax deduction for several years so that the cost of a proposal that is likely to be renewed by Congress in the future is fully included in the Build Back Better Act, the cost of which is now officially estimated to be around 2 trillion US dollars over 10 years. (Bolton, December 15)

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