This is Simon Dorante-Day, the alleged illegitimate son of King Charles III. and Camilla: Do you look alike?


TThe UK has mourned Queen Elizabeth since her death last week. The news shocked and saddened people around the world.

A 56-year-old man from Australia has claimed he is in deep sorrow after learning of the death of his “grandmother”. The man in question is Simon Charles Dorante-Day and he is believed to be the unrecognized son of Britain’s newly crowned King Charles III and Queen Camila.

Speaking to News7, the Australian said he was frustrated and disappointed at being completely rejected and ignored by the royal family. “I just think the least Charles can do is give me an answer, acknowledge me. He gives William a title like this, well where’s my answer, where’s my DNA evidence? If you’re not my father, prove you’re not,” the man claimed.

Following the death of his “grandmother,” Dorante-Day claimed via his social media platforms that he had received hundreds of messages from people expressing their condolences.

Dorante-Day claims he was put up for adoption when he was eight months old and that his adoptive grandmother confessed to him before her death that he was the “secret son” of Charles and his wife, the new Queen Camilla.

He desperately wants King Charles III. conducts a DNA analysis to confirm that his claims are indeed truebut his attempts to contact the royal family have ultimately proved futile – he never received a reply from them.


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