US and Russia hold talks amid tensions in Ukraine | Russia


US and Russian officials will attend security talks on Jan. 10 as countries face mounting tensions over Ukraine, a Biden government spokesman said.

Russia and NATO are also likely to hold talks on Jan. 12, while a broader regional meeting with Moscow, Washington and several European countries is scheduled for Jan. 13, the spokesman added.

The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed on Tuesday that Moscow will discuss its security demands with Washington on January 10, the state-run RIA reported.

She also quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov as saying that the US response to this issue had so far been “abstract” and that it was crucial that the military take part in the NATO talks.

Moscow, which has unsettled the West with a build-up of troops near Ukraine, has submitted a wish list of security proposals that it intends to negotiate, including a promise that NATO will give up all military activities in Eastern Europe and Ukraine.

The White House National Security Council spokesman, who refused to be named, said on Monday: “If we sit down to talk, Russia can raise its concerns and we will share our concerns with Russia’s activities as a good.”

“There will be areas where we can move forward and areas where we disagree. That’s what diplomacy is about. “

Without Ukraine, no decisions would be made about Ukraine, the spokesman said.

US President Joe Biden signed an extensive spending bill on Monday, including $ 300 million for an initiative to support the Ukrainian armed forces and billions more for European defense in general.

The US administration, which believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin is considering invading former Soviet neighbor Ukraine, has promised swift and brutal sanctions in the event of such an attack. Russia denies such intentions.

Russian officials had previously confirmed that they wanted to take part in security talks with the US in January and are considering taking part in the NATO talks on January 12.

The following day’s meetings will be hosted by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.


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