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WASHINGTON, March 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On March 17, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the US Department of Energy (DOE) are hosting a joint summit to develop a bold Decadal vision for commercial fusion energy. This summit is an important opportunity for the US government to reflect on Kronos Fusion Energy’s existing approach to accelerating the delivery of this critical technology.

Continued, rapid developments in technology are putting commercial fusion power on a glide path toward inevitability. As a result, fusion energy is gaining widespread acceptance and represents the inevitable source of the upcoming energy revolution that will change the world. Brigadier General (Ret.) Paul E. Owen, founding partner and CEO of Kronos Fusion Energy Defense Systems, stated, “Here at Kronos Fusion Energy, we recognize the importance of this technology and we are already taking the bull by the horns and building a team to lead all three pillars of science, government and industry in a concerted effort to bring clean, limitless fusion power to the American people.

Recent global events in Ukraine underscore the importance of our work to ensure America becomes permanently energy independent, eliminating dependence on fossil fuels, their environmental impact on the world, and the geopolitical consequences of that dependence. By developing the first commercially viable fusion power plants capable of feeding clean, unlimited energy into the US grid, we can achieve total energy sovereignty and meet the power needs of our cities and industrial base for the long-term future.

At the same time, we are developing applications of this technology that will have a direct and transformative impact on our national defense capabilities. Miniaturized fusion generators provide US military installations with self-sufficient power supply, enabling them to be completely independent from the national power grid and increasing the security of critical infrastructure. Mobile fusion generators offer the opportunity to meet the power needs of deployed units of any size, anywhere in the world, enhancing America’s capabilities for global force projects. Applied at the micro-scale, fusion technology represents the capability for a quantum leap forward in military-tactical capabilities, offering war-winning advances in range, reliability and lethality of assets across all military domains.

Kronos Fusion Energy welcomes the White House Summit and urges our administration to recognize that now is the time to act. The highly successful Operation Warp Speed ​​demonstrated that, with sufficient motivation, government can enable and accelerate private sector investment through direct subsidies or grants and accelerating the regulatory process. Adopting a similar approach to the possibility of achieving world leadership in fusion energy is the quickest and surest way to achieve America’s energy independence and maintain our defense supremacy into the long-term future.

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Figure 1: Brigadier General Paul E. Owen – Founding Partner and CEO of Kronos Fusion Energy Defense Systems

Brigadier General Paul E. Owen – Founding Partner and CEO of Kronos Fusion Energy Defense Systems

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  • Brigadier General Paul E. Owen – Founding Partner and CEO of Kronos Fusion Energy Defense Systems


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