Washington, DC, Boston and Atlanta are listed as the three largest single cities in a new poll


They say numbers don’t lie! In a survey, singles collected and processed numbers in 100 cities. Mix and match .. Washington, DC, Boston, and Atlanta are the top three singles locations in 2021, according to a list of homes curated by the study with Bumble.

Their obvious result, the apartment list, gave some relief to those injured on a date. It turns out that dating challenges can arise in part from where a person lives. Yes, every city drinks wine, eats, extinguishes in love ..

“Proximity is one of the main factors in finding the right SO for you,” the Apartment List wrote on their website. “After completing your preparations Finally Find one “. There are several cities where your chances may be better.”

To narrow that list, the apartment site, combined with a dating app, examined 100 US cities. The survey measured four categories: dating satisfaction, social satisfaction, affordability for dating, and the percentage of singles. The total score for each city is a weighted average of four individual marks. In the study, dating satisfaction weighted 40%, while the remaining categories each accounted for 20%.

Overall, some trends were identified among the rated singles in this study. Apparently, the east coast is the perfect coast to make your romantic dreams come true. The six winning coastal cities have won the top 10 list of spots. In addition, college cities are also individual blockbusters, with 50% of the list reflecting the website’s “Best Subway For College Alumni” list.

Still, I had to declare a winner. At the top of the list is Washington, DC, the country’s capital. The city ranks high in the proportion of singles, as it identifies more than half of the city’s population as single. Washington DC also ranked high for affordable dates, with a three-course meal and a movie date priced at $ 105.

Again, the complete list includes: Washington DC .., Boston, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Austin, Denver, Chicago, Seattle.

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Washington, DC, Boston and Atlanta are listed as the three largest single cities in a new poll

Source link Washington, DC, Boston and Atlanta are listed as the top three single cities in a new poll


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