Watchdog errors when reviewing the Pentagon’s cloud computing contract raise further questions about conflicts of interest and red tape


WASHINGTON – Following misrepresentation and lack of transparency by the Pentagon watchdog, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) calls for clarity and full consideration of potential omissions in the review of the Department of Defense Common Defense Infrastructure (DOD OIG) Treaty (JEDI).

“It could be that the Department of Defense Inspector General’s office has only some clarification to provide, or it could be that they fell on the job and are too ashamed to fix mistakes. There are clear issues with the failure to investigate a consultant’s links with Amazon Web Services and the inexplicable blockade of legitimate congressional document requests. Grassley said of his letter.

In a renewed letter to DOD OIG, Grassley urges clarity about the apparent material misrepresentation of documents relating to an ethics review on a Department of Defense official with AWS ties, and for full disclosure of the many documents he has received in connection with the massive $ 10 billion Dollar requested contract that was originally awarded to Amazon. Grassley is also requesting information about the members of the Inspector General’s team who were involved in this bureau’s inaccurate review of this contract.

Grassley first searched for information about inconsistencies and misrepresentations in DOD OIG’s report on the JEDI contract in August 2021, after reports from whistleblowers to his office. He also called for an independent review of the DOD OIG investigation by the Inspectorate General for Integrity and Efficiency, and in December requested a secret briefing from the Department of Defense. The Senator began investigating the JEDI contract process for the first time in 2019. The Department of Defense stands ready to award a new, multi-billion dollar cloud computing project called JWCC.

The full text of Grassley’s latest letter to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense can be found here HERE. Attachments can be found HERE.




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