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Today, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki provided more details on President Joe Biden’s upcoming trip to the Pacific Northwest, which will take place tomorrow (Thursday, 21 Events in Seattle, Washington.

At the daily White House press briefing, Psaki released an initial list of supporting speakers at Biden’s official events, detailing each topic. Here is a transcript of their comments at the top of the briefing:

As you know, the President is traveling to the West Coast tomorrow, and I wanted to give you a brief glimpse of his first trip to Oregon and Washington. He will highlight the historic economic growth and nearly 8 million jobs created as a result of his and Congressional Democrat actions, including America’s bailout plan and bipartisan infrastructure bill, and his work to cut costs.

He will visit Portland International Airport tomorrow to highlight key investments to ensure stronger, more resilient infrastructure, such as a seismic runway at Portland Airport, and to reduce the cost of everyday items by ensuring goods can be moved faster and more efficiently.

Governor Kate Brown, Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, and Congressman Kurt Schrader will join the President at the airport.

On Friday, he will mark Earth Day in Seattle, Washington by speaking about the need to build our nation’s resilience in the face of threats like wildfire and deploy clean energy quickly. He will be joined at the event by Governor Jay Inslee.

The President will also discuss how he is fighting to bring down the cost of prescription drugs like insulin, with support from Governor Inslee, Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, and Congresswoman Kim Schrier.

The president will ask Congress to pass his plan to cut prescription drug prices and energy costs, but he’s not waiting for Congress to act. And he will highlight the recent measures he has taken to cut energy and healthcare bills and give families more breathing room.

This will be Biden’s first visit as President to Washington and Oregon. Biden stopped in Idaho en route to events in California last year.

After this week, the President will have entered each of the three states of the great Pacific Northwest. Biden’s travel schedule also includes several DNC fundraisers, the details of which have not been publicly disclosed, according to Axios.

I noted last Friday that it was unlikely Biden would appear in Seattle without Governor Jay Inslee, who is one of the country’s best-known climate advocates, to speak about the growth of America’s clean energy economy.

Today’s White House announcement confirms that Governor Inslee will indeed be present for Biden’s visit, as I suspected. So are Senators Murray and Cantwell, and Rep. Kim Schrier, who is one of the front members of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Murray and Schrier’s re-election campaigns are the top priority of the Washington State Democratic Party this year. Each has already won multiple campaigns against Republican opponents. Murray is 5-0 in US Senate campaigns while Schrier is 2-0 in US House of Representatives campaigns. (Murray and Schrier share the distinction of beating every perennial Republican candidate, Dino Rossi, in a federal race.)

While NPI’s research has consistently shown Murray to be ahead of her Republican opponent, Tiffany Smiley, Schrier’s district, the 8th, is a tossup district fairly evenly split between Democratic and Republican voters. It is not expected to be easy for the Democratic Party.

We look forward to bringing you more details on President Biden‘s trip to the Pacific Northwest here at Cascadia Advocate in the coming hours.


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