Will 24h payday loans pay us money over the weekend and night?

This text was created in response to numerous questions from people on the forum who are urgently looking for cash on hand. Whether it’s weekend or midweek and late evening, there are crises when money is needed immediately.

Are there loan companies that offer payday loans that work 7 days a week and at night? Will I get a transfer to my account even on Saturday late at night? We will try to dispel your doubts based on the opinions of borrowers who were in a similar situation.

Instant delivery even at night and weekend

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Unfortunately, in most cases, “payday loans 24h / 7days” is just a slogan for non-bank loan companies. Yes, almost all of them operate around the clock, receiving applications from customers, but the next steps in the process of granting loans require the involvement of employees of the company, who usually work until 10pm, although sometimes also on weekends.

The second issue is the handling of transfers by banks, which usually do not work on weekends. Even if we manage to pass the verification of the application on a weekend day during the working hours of the loan company, this does not guarantee that we will receive the money into the bank account. Although there are also banks that implement the so-called express transfers also on weekends and within a few minutes.

Which companies operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

The only thing we are guaranteed as a loan applicant is service by non-bank loan companies also on weekends, during the lender’s working hours. The longest working company is Vivo, which is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 6am to 11pm. The remaining majority serve my clients mainly from 8am to 10pm.

Cash from hand to hand, even at the weekend

We already know that there are several dozen lenders who verify applications and grant payday loans even on weekends until 11pm. However, despite this they depend on the bank’s working hours and their transfer system, which is why we usually have to wait until Monday for the money sent to us electronically.

But there is a solution. Provident and meeting with its representative at home urgently requesting cash, also at the weekend. Following the opinions of borrowers who have received money from hand to hand in this way, it is worth using if you really do not have time to wait until Monday for an online transfer.

The condition is to have an ID card and stable income, which a company representative visiting us will surely ask with the contract and the cash we need. Interestingly, Provident also provides loans to people in debt, and the debt can be given in the form of weekly or monthly repayments.